Simply put, collagen is the most available protein in the body. It can help to make up ligaments, tendons and also your skin. The body generates collagen. But today, you can obtain it from foods like bone broth and supplements. It can come with a broad mix of health advantages that can help to promote strong, healthy hair.

Today, the market is replete with collagen supplement that you can purchase based on your requirement. Ideally, it would help if you got in touch with a doctor to decide on the collagen supplement brand and also the dose.

But some people are in two minds about this supplement and aren’t sure about the way they enhance their hair structure. Some of the ways in which they can improve the hair supplement include the following:

1. It provides amino acids that can develop the hair

Hair is usually composed of keratin. The body makes use of multiple amino acids for developing keratin and part of which you can find in collagen. The moment you start consuming collagen and various other proteins, the body can break it down into amino acids, which they can use to develop brand-new compounds and proteins.

That aside, there are about 11 non-essential amino acids that the body can generate, including nine essential ones you have to source from the diet. Generally, collagen gets made from 3 non-essential amino acids, hydroxyproline, glycine and proline. The proline is the ideal element in keratin. Hence, when you consume proline-rich collagen, it gives your body the required building blocks that are needed to create the hair. Today, there is a need for more human studies that can confirm the positive impact of collagen on hair. Such researchers will add more proof to the fact that collagen promotes hair growth and good hair quality.

2. It helps in fighting the hair follicles

Collagen will act as an antioxidant and can fight the necessary damage because of the free radicals. The free radicals are the compounds that can get developed in the body because of stress, smoking, air pollutants, alcohol, improper dietary choices and various environmental impacts. There are too many free radicals that can cause harm to the DNA, proteins and cells of your body.

According to research, free radicals can also cause damage to the hair follicles. Older adults will witness hair damage as the body's defense against the free radicals goes down with age. Antioxidants are essential to promote healthy hair and combat free radicals. Many test-tube studies have highlighted that collagen sourced from fish scales can possess a strong antioxidant activity.

There was another study on marine collagen that suggested it could fight up to four various free radicals. The other study observed that protein could be an excellent antioxidant, even better than a compound that is available in tea. It would help if you remembered that research has been performed in isolated cells so far in labs. Hence, one can say even though collagen has much potential, more research can add to its list of benefits.

3. It can prevent hair thinning that occurs with age

Collagen comprises 70% of the dermis, the mid layer of the skin, which comprises the individual hair roots. Collagen can add to the strength and elasticity of the dermis layer. Also, with age, the body can become less effective at generating collagen and thereby replenishing cells on the dermis. It could be a reason for the hair to get thin. Hence, replenishing the body with added collagen can enable you to retain a healthy dermis, which can avert hair thinning. According to a new study, about 69 women between the age group of 35 and 55, took collagen supplements daily and have found a positive impact on their skin and hair.

After a 12-week study that got conducted in 1000 adults, it was found that daily collagen supplements enhanced the protein amount in the skin and removed the aging signs on the skin. Hair emerges out of the skin. Hence, the probability of the collagen to counteract the impacts of the aging skin can lead to enhanced hair growth and reduced hair thinning. You can research on the effect of collagen on hair thinning.

Therefore, it makes sense that you choose a collagen supplement that gets suggested by your doctor to improve your hair health. Having said that, you need to be a tad bit patient when you use the supplement. It will take time for you to see the impact. You will have to use it for close to 8 to 12 weeks to see the real benefits. Also, consuming the supplement isn't enough. You will have to supplement with a healthy lifestyle and adequate food intake. That will ensure you reap the best benefits of the collagen supplement you choose.