In many circumstances, face augmentation and photo restoration go hand in hand. Both are possible, but they're normally done with desktop photo programs. Photo restoration involves recovering old images to make them look new. Face-enhancing is provided. You can reuse previous photos by fixing them. Restore ancient photos digitally to prevent further deterioration. You may restore ancient family photos and reprint them for an album. Similarly, experts can improve historical photos for a variety of uses.We'll look at how VanceAI Photo Restorer works, as well as several sample images that demonstrate its various features.

Why should you use an AI Photo Restorer?

Using AI, you can erase scratches from old images online faster and easier. AI and Machine Learning automate photo restoration online with VanceAI Photo Restorer. Not to knock GIMP or Luminar's performance. These programs are great and offer the best photo restoration results. However, software programs are taxing on both people and computers. More individuals use photos and need image editing tools than know how to use it. Having an automatic antique photo repair app may be offers image editing tools to enhance vintage images in addition to the photo restorer. Using the application, upload an image and alter the settings. Image restoration is done by the utility. Using software to process photos requires a good system. It means a quicker processor, more RAM, and a better GPU. Because VanceAI uses AI and internet servers, you can get fast results without straining your machine. Having a good system is still preferable.

How can old photos be restored using VanceAI Photo Restorer?

This guide will take you step by step through the process of fixing old images with VanceAI's AI vintage photo restoration tool.

 Click the photo restoration tool's website link above. For the Workspace, click Upload Image.

VanceAI Restorer Workspace lets you upload old photos, change settings, and control anything else. To proceed, upload an image and click Process. You may edit options on the right. the output will appear on screen. After seeing the comparison image, click Download Image to save it.You may use this guide with the majority of other VanceAI tools, so feel free to return to it in the future.

The VanceAI Photo Restorer revives old photos

We'll now have a look at some enhanced vintage images that VanceAI Photo Restorer has restored.

1. Repair old portrait

In this scenario, the old photo repair tool is noticeable. The tool didn't recover the left-side tear, but it improved other sections of the image. The image is no longer washed out and has brighter colors. Second, the tool enhances faces, as shown by the enhanced contrast. The damage lines are erased, too. The remaining lines lack white, which degrades image quality.

2. Fix family photo

Similar to the prior example, the photo restoration tool fixes faults and enhances quality. Also, photo restoration boosted the new image's hues. The revised image looks better, especially the face. The improved image shows more edges. It's hard to judge if the hair dye was realistic.

3. Restore historic building photograph

For this photo, the photo restoration tool yields an interesting result. Entire image is blurry. Also true of the prior image. Photo repair tool has no effect. In addition, the tool removes all image damage. New image has richer tone and sharper details.


The VanceAI Photo Restorer simplifies vintage photo restoration, face improvement, and more. The VanceAI platform also improves photo restoration. Photo restoration is easy for all users due to a well-designed UI and features. You can create a free VanceAI account. If you want more picture credits, you can buy 100 per month for $5.94, with exclusive productivity-boosting features like batch processing. VanceAI offers API services for accessibility. API membership is $39.8 and includes 1000 photo credits. With all of VanceAI's features, it's becoming popular for online photo editing.

VanceAI Additional Options

AI picture enhancing and editing tools website VanceAI is continually evolving and improving. VanceAI has launched 15+ photo editing tools since 2020. Having a variety of picture editing tools is beneficial to users, since they no longer need to switch between apps to accomplish their work. As shown in the previous sections, there are many poor-quality old photos. In this case, VanceAI Image Enhancer can boost image quality. After restoring ancient photos, VanceAI Photo Colorizer can add color. You can find more VanceAI productivity tools in VanceAI Productivity Series Review: Applying AI in Photo Editing

VanceAI Free Alternatives

For a VanceAI Photo Restorer demo, visit This online substitute lacks the original app's features but can restore old photos for free and easily. Surprisingly, VanceAI is powerful enough to give you comprehensive photo editing tools like, a free online PDF service.