A master of weightlifting, he passed away at 85 years old. He died of cirrhosis of liver-driven hepatic encephalopathy on Sunday after a battle in Honolulu, Hawaii. Born in 1930, Kono is a Japanese-American film star. Having started weightlifting at 14, he became a serious competitor. At the 1952 and 1956 Olympics, he won two gold medals for the United States in weightlifting. While interning at the Tule Lake camp for Japanese Americans during World War II.He developed the Tommy Kono Weightlifting and wrote three books on weightlifting. As well as developing the sport of bodybuilding he mentored many athletes throughout his career. A countless number of other people have been inspired by him to reach great heights.He "is survived by his daughter JoAnn Sumida. Who told The New York Times: "My father was an incredible man and I'm very proud of him." He will always "be remembered as an inspiration to everyone he touched." 

Sport's Greatest Champions

He was the Olympic champion in weightlifting. He won two gold medals at the Olympics and four world titles in weightlifting. Interns from Japanese-American communities are housed at Tule Lake. Masters Tommy Kono began weightlifting at 14 years old as an asthmatic intern. After becoming one of the greatest weightlifters in history. He won two Olympic gold medals and founded his weightlifting program. As a weightlifter, Tommy inspired countless others to achieve their goals.

Bodybuilder Winning the Title Mr. Universe

He won two Olympic gold medals for the United States after taking up weightlifting in a Japanese internment camp. 85 years old was his age. Some say that Tommy Kono was the first bodybuilder to hold the title of Mr. Universe in 1954. Which is still in use today. Throughout his career, Tommy mentored many athletes and inspired them to follow their dreams. It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Tommy Kono.

A True Champion

At 14, Tommy Kono was interned at a World War II camp as an asthmatic. Olympic gold medals on his resume are a testament to Tommy's dominance in weightlifting. The Tommy Kono Program was developed besides writing three books on weightlifting. His commitment to weightlifting and his inspiration to others will be remembered. It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Tommy Kono - rest in peace.

A True Champion Remembered

Tommy Kono took up weightlifting in an internment camp. Became a many-time Olympic gold medalist for the US and time weightlifting world champion. He left behind a long legacy of weightlifting in the form of his Tommy Kono Weightlifting Program. books on weightlifting, and mentorships of many athletes. Besides being an Olympic champion, Tommy will "be remembered as an inspiration to everyone. who knew him - a true champion who inspired others to follow their dreams as well. You will "be missed, Tommy Kono.

Tommy Kono Race

Tommy Kono Olympics developed a popular weightlifting program. Wrote three books on weightlifting, and mentored many athletes. Also, well known for his active involvement in races that included both Caucasians and minorities. Something at the time unprecedented - he was also known for pushing the boundaries of race. As a result of his incredible accomplishments, Tommy will always live on as an inspiration to others. It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of Kono.

Memorializing Tommy Kono

It is an honor once again to host this meet for the late Tommy Kono gif. An American weightlifter holds a prominent place in the sport's history. Even after the Olympian and World Champion passed away in 2016. Hassle-Free has continued to hold this meeting every year in honor of him. We were very fortunate to have Tommy in attendance every year at our meeting. Our youth programs, gifs, videos, books, and races that celebrate Tommy's memory are always in which we honor his legacy. A champion who will go down in history as one of the greatest. In addition to being a champion, Tommy will be remembered as an inspiration.Continuing Kono's legacy of fair play, mentorship, and weightlifting will continue to extend his legacy. In honor of his memory and to learn about the great man's history, we hope that those attending this meet will celebrate his memory. Tommy Kono porn future generations to achieve their goals and let us continue to remember his spirit.


The legendary inspires many people around the world. He achieved incredible results. He was always passionate about pushing the limits in racing. His mentorship will live on for generations to come. Our continued efforts to honor him through memorial meets. Youth programs continue to carry on his legacy and spirit after he passed away. We should continue Tommy's work to inspire future generations to achieve their goals.