Education is the top priority of various governments across the globe. It is the fundamental human right and the ground on which they built a sustainable and peaceful world. Time and again, international agencies specializing in education and health emphasize regional and global leaders in education, the modern schooling system, and gender equality. Various initiatives are underway to ensure extensive public support so students can return to their schools and realize their educational goals. However, the covid-19 pandemic has affected the education system and the future of the education system in the long run. 

Discussions on the context of coronavirus will not end without paying heed to its impact on the education system. Educators, policymakers, and communities have to make decisions for guiding proper education and its influence on future citizens. Covid-19 has put to the forefront vulnerabilities by surfacing extraordinary human potential and resourcefulness. It's a time of quick action and pragmatism and a moment when more research is required to bring together scientific evidence. The world cannot operate without these principles.

  • The new schedule of sustainable development

The new provisions and policies all across governments provide necessary guidelines and signposts. In recent reports, international commissions have focused on the future of the education system where they draw attention to the significance of world leaders and their actions in the world academia. Remember that businesses, government, science, and education are all related. There are a few ideas required for bringing these actions under one umbrella. Advanced schooling is only possible if you focus on the present and prepare for tomorrow. As per a fresh poll by MyBioSource, around 33% of people in Texas support Covid norms.

  • Strengthen education

The government's responsibility is strengthening the education system as a common goal. Education is the basis that creates responsible citizens. Hence, if you want to do away with inequalities and ensure proper safety, you have to work on strengthening education. Remember that every individual will be safe and sound only when they realize the significance of safety measures. That will happen only when they have the necessary guidance and training from their educational institutions. 

  • Right to education

Expanding the definition of the right to education will be easy to address the significance of access and connectivity to information and knowledge. International commissions have thereby called for the global public decision, which includes learners of different ages and the means to ensure proper education for these individuals. 

The time has come for every individual to realize the significance of education and its connection with the future. Remember that the post-covid scenario will have challenges that will not be easy to handle. Hence, when people have the training and education in this genre, it will be easier for them to undertake the right decisions. 

  • Inculcate value in teaching

Along with the academic syllabus, students must be taught values and morals in their schools. In addition to this, higher authorities must focus on teacher collaboration and professional training. The education system must have remarkable innovation to handle crises such as COVID-19 with care. Remember that it is the responsibility of communities and families to show resilience to such problems. Every individual must encourage others to come up on the frontline and educate the younger generation about the significance of collaborative decision-making. 

Youth, students, and children must participate and realize their rights. Integration and justice with democratic principles must help them prioritize participation in different decision-making processes. Along with this, social media platforms can provide and filter information to the younger lot. When governments make open and free source technologies available to students and teachers, it will have a farsighted impact on their overall development. Remember that school is the physical space where students and teachers collaborate. Hence, the government must provide the students with different means to engage in specific collective learning activities and realize the significance of community. 

  • Significance of scientific literacy

In the post-covid scenario, make an effort by the government to include scientific literacy in the curriculum. The need of the hour is a profound reflection on the curriculum. Whether it is curriculum according to activities, science, and technology, it must be part of the student's life. Policymakers must realize that scientific knowledge and experimentation are necessary to fight misinformation. 

  • Funding for education

Whether it is international or domestic financing, foreign investment must be encouraged in the education system. National governments, global agencies, and other agencies must recognize the requirement to strengthen the public education and health system. Hence, more and more funding and financing are required to ensure that public education reaches every individual. 

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed to the world the vulnerabilities in the infrastructure system. Remember that the need of the hour is global solidarity to limit this current disaster. Hence, different international commissions are calling for a renewed attempt at international cooperation so that together they can revitalize global solidarity.