The commercial real estate market is a massive deal in 2022! In H1 2022, home sales in Delhi NCR increased by 154% year over year, according to Knight Frank research published on July 6. Such a growing complexity of the industry increases the entry barriers as the businesses have to put efforts into distribution, purchases, sales, listings, etc. Earlier, real estate companies could reach out to a limited number of property buyers with their listings. However, with real estate digital marketing, the horizons of reaching the desired target audience have expanded drastically.With the ever-increasing penetration of technology in real estate, the future of commercial real estate marketing has become a digital one. Real estate developers must have a strategy to ensure a good presence on social media and other digital channels. At the same time, the digital space is dynamic, and it isn't easy to keep up with the pace. However, some real estate digital marketing strategies can help businesses maintain a pace and improve their conversion rates. 

These commercial real estate marketing strategies will help them navigate the digital world and increase conversion rates.

Top Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Several commercial real estate marketing ideas can be implemented to grow a business. Some of the strategies that help grow a business and increase its reach are as follows: 

1. Establish Your Brand in Front of Investors

In today's world, getting funding from any investor is a big deal. Hence, one must work tooth and nail to get the right investors and investments. Build the brand by establishing an online presence. Also, get into some PR-related activities to float a good word about the brand. 

  • Articulate the story of your brand and impress the investors
  • Let them know your unique selling proposition

2. Have a Great Website

A website for real estate businesses is essential. The website is the face of the company. Hence, it would help if one spends time building a lucrative and informative website. One can outsource the activity if they don't have an in-house website designer.It takes around 5-7 impressions for potential customers to remember the name of a brand. A good website will help you make an impression if you can manage it well. As such, an excellent real estate website must have well-curated landing pages with multimedia-rich features, including stunning images and videos.Here's what a good website can do for your business.

  • A good website brings huge traffic to the website.
  • Improves your SEO ranking and hence, your searchability
  • Helps to create and maintain an authentic relationship with your followers
  • Helps your brand stand out and make an identity for itself
  • Improves the overall visibility of your brand

3.  Register in Local Online Directories

An online directory is a website or a section where the contact details of the real estate company can be found. A potential buyer might be interested in a property but will soon forget about it if they fail to contact the realtor immediately. Therefore, an agent must provide their audience with the contact information on local online directories so they can reach out to them. 

Here are the prime benefits of registering your commercial property in local online directories:

  • Inexpensive exposure
  • Boosts online presence
  • Easy connection to the target audience
  • Builds reputation & trust

4. List Your Commercial Real Estate on Property Sites

The most crucial aspect of commercial real estate marketing is to build a presence beyond the website and social media handles. Therefore, listing all the properties on real estate portals is important as people are actively looking for properties on these portals. Some benefits include:

  • Wider reach and visibility of the properties
  • Promote additional services along with the properties
  • These sites aim at building a direct buyer-seller relationship, which improves transparency for both the parties
  • Online property sites are easy to operate and work better than conventional newspaper listings

5. Improve Ranking with SEO

The ranking of your commercial property's website is quite significant when it comes to winning in the real estate space. Therefore, everything that one posts must be SEO-friendly. Try to incorporate some commonly searched real estate keywords so that the post ranks higher than the competitors on search results. This step can also be coupled with online directories, as your local presence must come forward when a local customer makes a search. 

Some of the major benefits of improving SEO include-

  • SEO will help your business to reach more people every day with increased visibility
  • Great SEO tactics will help your business build trust, authenticity, and credibility with your audience
  • SEO brings more traffic, which translates to better conversion rates for businesses in the long run

6. Build Credibility with Content Marketing

The real estate industry differs from other industries. Hence, the real estate agents will have to draft a content strategy that works for the industry. It is essential to experiment with different types of content to see what kind of content works for their business.A wise plan is to use a mix of content formats to keep their audience engaged. Some content forms you can use are:

  • Home tour videos
  • Carousel posts
  • How-to videos
  • House maintenance tips post
  • Information rich blog
  • Construction update videos

7. Engage in Paid Advertising

Brainstorming advertising ideas and deciding on something that will work for the company is a great idea. Different real estate properties are targeted to different consumer bases. Therefore, digital marketing can filter their audience based on the listing they want to promote.

8. Engage Customers on Social Media

No business can survive in today's world without a social media strategy. Social media can be used to maximize the reach of commercial real estate. One can attract potential customers by creating posts that attract them.Presenting a brand consistently across all social media platforms can increase the brand's revenue by 23%. A concrete posting strategy for getting good leads from social media can be beneficial. Engaging with them via comments, DMs, etc., ensures an authentic relationship is maintained with the customers.

9. Reach and Nurture Potential Customers via Email

With the right email marketing strategy, you will stay in touch with your customers and let them know that you care for them. Through the right set of pre-defined emails sent over a definite time, you can sustain a good conversation with your clients and even keep them updated with all sorts of development around your commercial property. 

Here's what you can achieve with Email Marketing:

  • Create awareness about your product or service
  • Educate your audience
  • Develop fruitful relationships
  • Build trust 
  • Share useful resources

10. Use Word-Of-Mouth Advertising

Affiliate marketing and word-of-mouth advertising are highly relevant for real estate companies. Building strong connections with the existing customer base is essential to spreading the good word about the business. If the buyers are happy with a business' services, they will refer the same services to people from close circles in the long run.


Understanding the market and devising a strategy to cover it is essential. A well-curated marketing strategy will succeed in the commercial real estate space. Digital marketing is a handy tool to improve the presence of a business and convert more potential buyers in the long run.The above-mentioned strategies can reach a broader audience, engage with them, and increase the overall conversion rate. Constant engagement will make conversions easy.If one needs to contact professionals to take care of their marketing and sales strategies, Beyondwalls is the solution. It is an integrated PropTech Ecosystem that provides end-to-end real estate sales and marketing solutions and helps businesses navigate the latest marketing trends to improve their brand image in the long run.