We all make mistakes in our whole life and feel bad also because as soon as we make a mistake the whole world and society becomes judge but no one comes to correct you and make you understand what is wrong and what is right. Especially in the matter of kids' elders are always ready to become judges instead of correcting the mistake and making kids understand how to correct the mistake.

Learning from mistakes is the most important part of the learning life of kids and very essential for the development of the kids. Most adults know and understand this concept but they never teach this concept to their child. This is very unfortunate. It is an astonishing fact, that there is a positive aspect also of making mistakes and getting things wrong. Schools also keep this fact straight now. schools have started to take the mistakes of the kids in a positive manner and allow them to make mistakes.

School information management system takes care that kids should never fear to take initiatives in activities in school. School information management system also keeps the hierarchy of information correct in the school management so that every student can convey his/her issues or messages to the school management. Sometimes students bunk the classes and they have to go through punitive actions for it but schools today are opting for admission management software. It is so because attendance management software is that tool which never allows any attendance to be skipped if punched correctly. Many children grow up in such a society where they are not allowed to commit mistakes in order to become perfect children or in order to become the best.

Here the truth is completely different from this. Mistakes happen so that a kid can see that no one is perfect and there is nothing like perfection, everything is somewhere imperfect so that it can respect others because a completely perfect one will never respect others. Kids need to understand that if they make mistakes then they have to learn from them in order to learn from those mistakes and be better in future. Therefore, it is clear that mistakes are steps of being better and growing more. When a kid makes a mistake then he or she gets motivation to correct that mistake and make everything right. For example, if he or she is committing the same mistake again and again while solving a maths problem then he or she will have to solve it again but more carefully so as to find the mistake and correct it. This motivates the kid to never lose hope and keep fighting until success comes home.

Now the questions arise how the parents can contribute in making students and kids learn from their mistakes? So, let's understand that also. Usually, kids are scared of making mistakes and the reason is they fear the wrath of their parents and this is so because they see their parents having tons of expectations from them. so, parents need to make their kids realize that they don't expect them to be perfect and accept how they are. Parents need to show their kid that their love is not a business deal which will be provided only after earning good marks, make your child understand that you trust him/her and believe in his/her efforts. Respect the efforts of the kids and make them believe that you are happy with your kid's efforts without being judgemental. Don't forbid your kids to commit mistakes by sowing fear in their minds, just encourage them to take initiatives. Whenever your kid gets depressed then boost their self confidence by telling them your story of failure and mistakes and how you dealt with them.

Motivate your kids to be responsible and take responsibility for mistakes they committed instead of imposing them on any other person. This will make them honest and also praise them for their honesty too. Also appreciate your kids for making more efforts even after failures and mistakes until the success is achieved. Make your kids understand that nothing is wrong in making mistakes and accepting them. Make them understand that when one apologizes for his or her mistakes then it creates respect for him/her in the other's heart and in addition to it one gets another chance to correct the mistakes.